Grade 3 English Preview (Private Tutoring)


Grade 3 English Preview (Private Tutoring)

  • by Bill.Wu
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Grade 3 English review and Grade 4 English preview
Optional Grade 3/4 English Quizs

不少人问为什么我们能够提供免费的辅导,因为家长部落所依托的 TC 体育俱乐部 有大量的有领导才能的学生,很多高中阶段的他们有意在个人的闲暇时间提供力所能及的社区的服务,巩固社区的凝聚力,是他们抽出自己宝贵的时间来帮助社区里的弟弟妹妹。我们只是在给他们提供这个平台的同时,也尽力地提供优质的后勤并努力保证服务质量。


TC STUDENTS 也同时有一定的高质优秀有教师证的讲师的课程供选。

What Will I Learn?

  • understand the key parts of grade 4 English

About the instructors

Electrical Engineer, about 15 Years Educator. Promote youth leadership developemnt through sports training.
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When I was younger everyone had dreams for their future, while others aspired to become doctors or engineers, I always dreamed of becoming a teacher. As a child, I was privileged enough to have many teachers to learn from. I always noticed that at the end of class, students would often leave with a sense of boredom. I always felt that I could do better than some of my teachers, to make others desire to learn more. As I grew, so did my passion to teach. Similar to my dad, I felt incredible satisfaction whenever my students finally understood a concept. It always puts a smile on my face when I see my students improve. The process of continuously repeating, practicing, and finally mastering is something that I will never get tired of. I wish to graciously share my knowledge and understanding with students just like how my teachers wished for me. A good teacher can never be forgotten as I have never forgotten mine. And it gives me great happiness knowing that as a teacher I’m able to change a person’s life for the better.
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Material Includes

  • Textbook and quizs, video, zoom tutor instruction


  • Finished and passed grade 3 English already

Target Audience

  • Student finished Grade 3, into or going to Grade 4
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